Conservation and Restoration

Our conservation and restoration team is always working away to ensure that our collection is in tip-top condition.

Their aim is preserve our boats, pictures and objects for the enjoyment and education of this and future generations.

As its name suggests, our boat team concentrates on our fleet of boats, the majority of which are now ‘dry’ – no longer on the water – having being given a graceful retirement in the care of our experts. These boats form the core of the displays you will see in the Museum.

Others are ‘wet’, and are kept on the water or are restored so that they can to return to the water. This is always more expensive but allows them to be shown as they were intended by their designers and builders.

When not on display our collection of objects and pictures are kept in a purpose-built store. This meets the highest standards, with constant monitoring for optimum environmental conditions, infestation or physical damage.

If you feel able to make a contribution to this important work then please visit the Donations page.