Health and Safety

Risk assessments

All workshops, buildings, exhibits and activities within the Museum have been fully risk assessed. To assist teachers and other education group leaders the NMMC education department has produced two documents:

  • Health and safety for school and college groups
  • Risk assessment information for school and college groups

Specific risk assessment information for individual workshops will be sent as part of the booking process.

Supervision and behaviour

Teachers, group leaders and accompanying adults are responsible for the behaviour and general health and safety of their group whilst at the Museum. They should remain with their groups at all times for their health and safety, and must accompany them in case of evacuation.

Groups must have the appropriate adult to pupil ratio for the age range of students attending the Museum. We advise the following:

(Cornwall Council)
Early Years (age 3-5)
1 adult : 3 pupils
1 adult : 3 pupils
KS1 (Years 1- 3)
1 adult : 6 pupils
1 adult : 5 pupils
KS2 (Years 4- 6)
1 adult : 10 pupils
1 adult : 5 pupils
Year 7 onwards
1 adult : 15 pupils
1 adult : 10 pupils

(or at least an additional ‘floating’ member of staff for emergencies)