Mystery of the Darlwyne

On 31 July 1966, whilst the nation celebrated World Cup glory, there occurred one of the worst British sea tragedies of modern times.  The pleasure cruiser Darlwyne was lost off the Cornish coast with all 31 men, women and children on board.  Despite a massive air and sea search, the boat was never found.  This exhibition commemorates this tragedy through photography, testimony and footage and explores the mystery of the Darlwyne’s final resting place.

NOTE: This exhibition has been recently updated (August 2016) to reflect the recent discovery by a BBC documentary film and diving crew of a boat wreck found in a previously unexplored trench near the Dodman point, the remains of which have been identified beyond reasonable doubt as that of the Darlwyne.  A BBC South West ‘inside out’ documentary ‘Finding the Darlwyne‘ is due to be screened on Monday 26th September at 7:30pm on BBC 1 South West about the discovery.