The Museum makes information available in a wide variety of ways. Our publication programme is central to this and much of the output grows out of collaboration with researchers in maritime history and our own research activities. There are two themes: The Maritime History of Cornwall and The History of Small Boats.


Maritime Views
Maritime Views is our on-line publication consisting of transcripts of historic documents and unrefereed articles. Two extended projects are:

  • A Packet Surgeon’s journal – the diary of a young surgeon who travelled on the Packet ships in the 1820/1830s
  • British Yachts and Yachtsmen – a transcript of this book from 1906
  • Trafalgar – a series of articles on Cornish aspects of the great battle
  • The Cammillieri Packet Poritraits

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Troze is the online journal of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall covering a range of topics, many to do with Cornish and West Country maritime history. A refereed journal, new volumes are issued roughly quarterly.

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Two Associate Publications
Two publications written by Trustees arising out of their work with the Museum are:

  • The Falmouth Packet Ships written by Tony Pawlyn, the Museum’s Head of Research. Priced at £9.95, this is the definitive book on the subject
  • The Maritime History of Cornwall written by Dr Helen Doe. Priced at £13.99 this is a useful introduction to this story which is at the heart of the Museum’s work

Both books are available by post from the Museum Shop.

Publications in Preparation
Two publications in preparation are:

  • A history of Falmouth Quay punts
  • A history of Cornwall’s fishing industry