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An exterior photo of the Museum and part of Falmouth Marina and the docks.

Inspirational, hands-on learning experiences

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All our displays are designed to be interactive and engaging to young people. Key features include amazing artefacts, hands-on exhibits and audio-visual displays exploring stories of wrecks and rescues, fishing, smuggling, historic boat-building and racing.  There’s also the opportunity to go ‘under-water’ in our Tidal Zone (one of only three natural underwater galleries in the world), and, after seeing life as a fish, climb the 29m tower to get a birds-eye view of Falmouth. You can also learn to sail in the Waterfront boat pool using our wind powered radio controlled boats.

Self-directed package

As part of a pre-booked self-directed group visit, we offer:

A visit typically lasts upwards of 2 hours.

Museum-led package

As part of a pre-booked ‘museum-lead’ group visit we offer structured hands-on ‘challenge’ activities.

Plus an additional hands-on challenge activity.  Please choose from :

A visit typically lasts upwards of 3-4 hours. Where possible, we are happy to tailor a visit to your group needs or badge requirements.

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Education Officer: Seth Hall
Telephone: 01326 214535

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