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Flotilla we are home to the National Small Boat collection

Small boats of national and international importance

The National Small Boat Collection was originally developed by the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

This is now housed in our museum in Cornwall where it has been extended by the addition of other craft. This collection is representative of boats from the UK and around the world. A maximum of length overall of 30ft (14.2m) is set for the collection although there are exceptions. A collection of objects and archives support the National Small Boat Collection.

The National Small Boat collection, preserving a collection of international importance, craft used for survival, work, competition, leisure, pleasure, exploration and war… from the Inuit kayak, a deadly hunter’s tool of skin and driftwood with an unbroken pedigree stretching back 10,000 years to the Mirror dinghy, as much a part of the ’60s social revolution as the Mini car. The musuem doesn’t just tell the story of inanimate objects – it relates the tales of the lives and the times of those who made and used them.

Below are some highlights.

For a fuller list you can search The National Small Boat Register.

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