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A close-up photo of one of the pieces on display in the 'Skeleton: Sculpture Inspired by Boats' exhibition at the Museum.

We are most grateful for any donation you feel able to give to support our work

Whether you are interested in restoring historic boats, inspiring children with tales of heroic adventures on the sea, or supporting our exhibition programme. Below are some examples of what your donation could enable us to do.

Archive Conservation £100 – £200

The Bartlett Library has a large collection of archive materials that either require conservation now or will require conservation in the future. You could help the library in its work in other areas by donating money towards the binding of books and magazines or refurbishing a large volume. The cost of each of these activities is small, £40 – £100, but will have a lasting benefit to our collections.

Benches – £500

Although there are benches in the Museum’s galleries there are occasional requests for more seating areas where visitors can take a break from walking around exhibitions, relax and soak up the atmosphere. Benches can be donated in memory of a loved one.

Family activities

Family Holiday Trails £1,000 per trail
Over the last year the Museum has been developing its family activities during school holidays. Last summer’s activities brought in lots of new and repeat visitors. In order to extend this activity even further we would like to introduce a range of family holiday trails that will make family visits extra special.

Family Discovery Trails £1,500 per trail
The education team are keen to put in place a range of family discovery trails targeted at local children visiting with parents and grandparents. The trails will aim to encourage families to learn and discover together and to develop a lifelong love of visiting NMMC.

Display Cases – £250 to £5,000 per case
New display cases of various shapes and sizes are needed for our galleries throughout the Museum. Each new exhibition will require cases to display objects and these will range from table top cases to large free standing cases like the one in this picture.

Renovation and Restoration – £50 to £50,000

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall holds some of the nation’s most important boats. We are committed to the restoration and renovation of these boats so that they can be enjoyed by the general public. To provide basic maintenance for one of the boats in our historic floating collection costs an average of £500 per year for materials alone.

Interactives – £2,000 to £10,000

Interactive displays are a very important element of any new exhibition. The museum is looking for help towards the cost of interactive displays for future exhibitions.

Museum donations

You may prefer to make a general donation to the museum as a whole instead of identifying a specific area on this list. We welcome any support you may offer and can assure you that it will be put to good use.

To make a donation, please send a cheque made payable to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall with your full name, address and postcode on the reserve to the address below.

National Maritime Museum Cornwall
Discovery Quay
TR11 3QY


Sponsorship of galleries or exhibitions is a wonderful way of becoming closely involved with the museum and its work. We are always happy to talk to you about ways in which we can help you to achieve your business or marketing objectives through sponsorship.

Contact us

To speak to someone about supporting the museum: email or call 01326313388.

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