The Voyage of the Mystery

“Excellent – the actor enthralled the children and it was aimed at their level… thank you lots!”

voyage_of_the_mystery-0x350Duration: 45 min performance, plus a 1-hour extension activity and an opportunity to explore the museum (flexible)
Cost: £4.50 per pupil, adults free
Group Size: Up to 3 classes. Due to heavy resource costs, groups below 2 classes (60 children) will be charged an additional fee of £75.00 to cover actors fees.

Step back in time to meet Job Kelynack, one of the seven brave Cornish fishermen who decided one night to sail to the faraway goldfields of Australia.

This dramatic 45 min performance is specially designed for years 1 and 2. Through a spell-binding and truly interactive mix of music, storytelling, drama and role-play, children will be drawn into the story of what happned to the men as they set off in the tiny fishing boat the Mystery.

The performance will take the children on the voyage to the coast of Australia. On the way, they will discover the reasons why the fishermen decided to leave Cornwall, what life was like on board the Mystery, the places they visited and how they survived some very exciting storms!

The performance is supported by a range of practical, hands-on activities in the Museum’s Cornwall Galleries. Led by members of our education team, children will explore the skills that fishermen would need – such as rope-making, meding nets and tying knots. A key feature of the session will focus on how we can use artefacts to find out about the past.

Curriculum Links and Learning Outcomes
This programme is designed to support Sense of Place KS1 unit ‘The Voyage of the Mystery’.  At the end of the session children will be able to answer key questions including:

  • What was the Voyage of the Mystery?
  • What were the Mystery boatmen like?
  • Why did the Mystery boatmen leave Cornwall?
  • What was life like on board the Mystery?