Under the Sea

Duration: 2 1-hour activities, plus time to explore the Museum
Cost: £4.50 per pupil, adults free
Group Size: Up to 2 classes

Meet Oceana, a mischievous Cornish sea sprite, who loves to collect things and bring them to the Museum. Can you find the magical rhyme to wake her up to play?

oceana-0x350The aim of this innovative early years programme is to give young children (and their parents, guardians and teachers) a truly unforgettable first experience of a museum. Through an engaging mix of hands-on discovery and artefact investigation, imagination, story-telling, puppets, music and role-play, we aim to empower children with the wonder, confidence and critical skills to begin a life-long love of learning in museums.

Part one: Children will be taken under the sea to the Museum’s Tidal Zone to meet Oceana, where they will learn about the tides, take part in a musical story-telling activity using sea creature puppets and handle artefacts found at the bottom of the sea.

Part two: After a short refreshment break, children will be taken around the Museum to find out how boats are made, their shape, the different materials used and how they are powered. They will then make their own boat, with a sail and keel, before testing them on the large boat pool.

The workshop includes a pre-visit story, ‘What May Be There’, for classes coming to visit Oceana. A slideshow of the images and the words can be downloaded from the ‘Downloads’ box to the right of your screen.