Scrapheap Sailboat Challenge

“Thank you for such a fantastic morning – we had to literally drag the children back to school… Couldn’t be improved.”

Duration: 2 hours, plus time to explore Museum
Cost: £4.50 per pupil, adults freescrapheap_challenge-0x350
Group Size: Up to 2 classes

New KS2 Design and Technology workshop

Can you take a single piece of wood – too narrow to support a mast and sail – and use it as the starting point to build a boat that can sail safely across our large boat pool?

In this practical and creative design technology workshop, children will work through a structured mix of activities to research, design, make and test their own sail boats, inspired by the Museum’s displays.

The day begins with children investigating different areas of the Museum to observe, discuss and record different hull shapes, sail positions, materials and methods of fixing and joining.

Back in the Learning Centre, children will then apply their ideas, knowledge and understanding to their own boat designs. Working in pairs, they will be given a time challenge of 45 minutes to build their own vessel, before taking it to the Museum’s large boat pool to test in a series of races.

The day finishes with a summary session in which everyone is encouraged to evaluate their own boat’s performance – and suggest ideas for improvement and adaptation.

“I thought it was excellent… the children are still talking about it… well managed, informative and inspired the children… DT in a testable environment is not always possible in school… met all the DT objectives (we carried out evaluations further at school and have a term’s work stemming from the day). Works well with the ‘Azook’ unit on pilot gigs.” Teacher, Fowey Primary 2006