Vikings: Sailors, Raiders and Traders

vikings-0x350Duration: 3 1-hour sessions
Cost: £4.50 per pupil, adults free
Group Size: Up to 3 classes

Please Note: The Viking workshop is a permanent programme and will continue beyond the life of the Viking Voyagers exhibition

Find out why the Vikings took to the sea, where they went and what they did when they got there! Take part in a Viking traders challenge, discover what it was like to dress as a Viking, investigate how the Vikings built their iconic ships and strike your very own Viking coin.

The workshop is supported by the Viking Voyagers learning resource.

Supports QCA Unit 6C: Why have people invaded and settled in the past? A Viking case study.

Covers key questions:

  • Why did the Vikings travel from their homelands and where did they go?
  • How did the Vikings travel so far from their homelands?
  • When did the Vikings come to to raid and to stay?

Free teaching resources that support the workshop can be downloaded below: