Plan your educational visit

Plan your educational visit

Please read the information in these ‘Plan Your Visit’ pages before calling or emailing, as this frees up time to focus on your individual needs and interests. On this page:

Opening and visit timings
Workshops and hands-on activities
Free planning visits for teachers and group leaders
Charges, payment and cancellation
Health and safety
Grants for transport
Parking, coaches and facilities

Opening and visit timings

The Museum is open to the public and education groups between 10am and 5pm, seven days a week every day throughout the year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

School visits are typically between 10am and 2pm, but the Learning Officer is happy to help you timetable your visit depending on your arrival and departure times.

Workshops and hands-on activities

We offer a range of curriculum workshops and hands-on learning activities for formal and informal education groups. Each programme can be carefully tailored to the needs of your group. We may also be able to ‘mix and match’ activities to your topic or programme of study. Please just ask.

Free planning visit for teachers and group leaders

Teachers and group leaders are welcome (and encouraged) to come and carry out a free planning visit to see how we can meet the aims of your visit and to assess the site. The Learning Officer is pleased to arrange a personal planning meeting whenever convenient.

Please book in advance by contacting Seth Hall, Education Officer, 01326 214535


The Museum is passionate about the life-long value of engaging young people with the Museum’s unique cultural resources, and aims to keep its charges to educational groups as low and flexible as possible.

Example costs per pupil/student for education groups are outlined below. Please note all adults in a supervisory role are free of charge for pre-booked groups.


You may pay on arrival by credit card or by cheque (made payable to ‘National Maritime Museum Cornwall’). We are happy to invoice schools and other groups after their visit.

All charges are based on numbers actually attending (e.g. if only 45 students attend out of an original booking of 50, we will only charge for the 45 students).

Self-directed /facilitated package
With full workshop programme
Pre-schools and nurseries
Half-day visit with activities
Schools and colleges
Incl. home education groups by arrangement
Further and higher education
By arrangement
Overseas education groups
Scouts, guides and other youth groups
Other groups
By arrangement
By arrangement

NB: these prices are valid from 1 September 2013

Cancellation policy

The Museum aims to be as accommodating as possible with education group bookings. However, because of the high level of demand, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for groups with fewer than half their booked numbers or who cancel within 14 days of the visit date.

Health and safety

Risk assessments

All workshops, buildings, exhibits and activities within the Museum have been fully risk assessed. To assist teachers and other education group leaders the NMMC education department has produced two documents:

  • Health and safety for school and college groups
  • Risk assessment information for school and college groups

Specific risk assessment information for individual workshops will be sent as part of the booking process.

Supervision and behaviour

Teachers, group leaders and accompanying adults are responsible for the behaviour and general health and safety of their group whilst at the Museum. They should remain with their groups at all times for their health and safety, and must accompany them in case of evacuation.

Groups must have the appropriate adult to pupil ratio for the age range of students attending the Museum. We advise the following:

(Cornwall Council)
Early Years (age 3-5)
1 adult : 3 pupils
1 adult : 3 pupils
KS1 (Years 1- 3)
1 adult : 6 pupils
1 adult : 5 pupils
KS2 (Years 4- 6)
1 adult : 10 pupils
1 adult : 5 pupils
Year 7 onwards
1 adult : 15 pupils

1 adult : 10 pupils

(or at least an additional ‘floating’ member of staff for emergencies)

Grants for school transport

Cornwall Heritage Trust may give financial support for transport to enable schools to make visits to heritage sites or undertake visits which have a purpose of developing awareness and appreciation of Cornish heritage.

Coach/minibus parking, unloading and loading

Coaches, minibuses and cars may drop-off children in the Maritime Museum Car Park. Pre-booked groups will be met by a member of the Education team and escorted in to the Museum.

Coaches, minibuses and cars (for members of staff only) may park free of charge. Please note, you must give your vehicle registration number to the museum admissions desk on arrival. Failure to do so will result in a parking fine.

Coats and bags

Coats and bags may be stored in the Learning Centre. Groups using other ‘base areas’ in the Museum will, where possible, be provided with coat racks and storage trolleys. Valuables are left at owners’ risk.


There are toilets on the first and second floors of the Museum, including accessible toilets. The Learning Centre has its own toilets which are not available to the public, including an adapted toilet for wheelchair users.

Disabled access

The Museum is fully accessible for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Please contact Stuart Slade, Head of Public Engagement, 01326 214532 to discuss your needs and any additional support that we may be able to provide.


Students and accompanying adults are welcome to bring a packed lunch with them. Pre-booked groups may eat lunches or refreshments in their dedicated ‘base area’ but must be supervised by accompanying adults at all times. The Museum also has a café which serves teas, coffees and hot & cold food.


We offer a good range of educational items, books and ‘pocket money’ souvenirs. If you are planning to visit the shop please let us know in advance so that enough time is allowed in your visit timetable. Please limit the number of students in the shop at any one time to approx 10, ensuring that they have an adult with them.

Booking form

Please use this booking form to book your visit.

Booking Form

Please use this form for school and other educational group bookings