Leisure, Recreation, Tourism and Business Studies

“…how well the students worked and how motivated they were… A great visit. I will recommend it…”

leisure-0x350Cost: New special education rates for students – £3.00 per student (admission only) plus £25.00 for a workshop. Tutors are free.

New! Resources and practical workshops

As part of an intensive study visit to the Museum, we are now offering the following:

  • introductory presentation on the Museum as a major tourist attraction, leisure facility and heritage organisation – covering its products, services and customers
  • investigation and critical feedback materials focusing on the Museum’s exhibitions, operation and facilities
  • an in-depth ‘Q&A’ session on the practical aspects of either marketing or customer service, led by a member of the Museum’s staff
  • hand out ‘tutor pack’ of additional materials, given at the end of the visit