School Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme

Cornwall Early Years School Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme (Cornwall EYSCITT) is currently working with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall on a new teacher training programme.

DSCF1170 (2)Cornwall Early Years SCITT Partnership’s mission is ‘to achieve excellence in initial teacher training which will enable trainee teachers to become successful newly qualified teachers and henceforth outstanding practitioners, in order that future generations of children will receive the highest quality educational opportunities.’

Over the last 3 years, the Maritime Museum has worked co-operatively with Cornwall EYSCITTT to develop and deliver special ‘creativity days’ for trainee teachers. This programme is designed to enable trainees to make best use of the unique cultural and education resources museums have to offer, in order to enrich their own curriculum planning and enhance learning opportunities for children by developing their pedagogical skills.

Through a challenging and lively mix of cross-curricular ‘hands-on’ workshops, artefact investigations, role-play and reflective sessions, each creativity day aims to:

  • provide trainees with practical support in planning and managing effective class visits to museums
  • develop trainees’ knowledge, skills and confidence in using museum spaces to engage their pupils, through innovative teaching and learning strategies including historical investigation, story-telling, magical role-play and challenge-based activities
  • inspire trainees to think creatively about working with museums to fulfil the outcomes of the ‘Every Child Matters’ and ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ agendas.

Feedback from participating trainee teachers has been very positive – ‘What a brilliant, inspiring, magical and interactive day filled with storytelling and exploring.The experience was delightful. A really good hands-on teamwork experience.’ EYSCITT Newsletter 2007.

The two-way process of skills sharing and professional development between the two organisations is very beneficial. The museum education service benefits through reflecting on best practice with the SCITT trainers and trainees and in return SCITT learns a great deal from the museum.

A further outcome is the on-going relationship established with newly qualified teachers and the Museum – many participants have since planned successful museum visits for their classes.

A new Key Stage 2 programme, based around key history topics, is now being planned for 2010-2011 when the Early Years SCITT develops a further route to its training programme. From 2010 they will be able to choose either Route 1 to teach 3 to 7 year olds or Route 2 to teach 5 to 11 year olds.

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