Thanks Topman for profiling our exhibition

A magazine article on the hottest new trends in tattooing in London reads:
“All sorts of people are doing it – lecturers, housewives, skinheads, architects, pop stars and sailors; the old and the young, all classes and sexes. If the very word ‘tattoo’ makes you think of a) servicemen, b) Victorian freak shows, c) sleazy pornography, d) the Exotic East or e) hepatitis, you’re out of date! Tattooing, after centuries of shame, is moving upmarket.”
Strangely, this paragraph wasn’t written for a style blog in 2017, when it seems that tattooing is ever-present and all around us, but 35 years ago, in 1982, for City Life Magazine. The media have been reporting on this ‘new’ and surprising trend for a very long time indeed!

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