“Tattooing is a magical, romantic, exciting and often-misunderstood art-form, and this exhibition aims to communicate some of that magic to visitors.” Dr Matt Lodder.

Guest curator Dr Matt Lodder introduces the thinking behind Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed, the largest exhibition of its kind in the UK.

Matt is currently Director of American Studies at the University of Essex. Matt completed his PhD in 2010, having submitted a thesis entitled Body Art: Body Modification as Artistic Practice, and before his role at Essex taught contemporary art and theory at the Universities of Reading and Birmingham. His current research is principally concerned with the history of Western tattooing, and the artistic status of body art and body modification practices. He has lectured on topics including body modification practices, tattoos and tattooing; contemporary performance art; deconstructivist architecture; and lowbrow and outsider art.

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Matt writes exclusively on the exhibition alongside more exclusive exhibition insights and photography, in the 1st issue of our annual journal Fathom.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed is at The National Maritime Museum Cornwall until 7 January 2017.