Putting their skills to the test

A pair of enthusiastic student boat builders put their skills to the test in helping to recreate the infamous Captain Bligh’s Bounty launch.

The students from Falmouth Marine School, Drew Passmore, 17 from Penryn and Sebastian Strangreciak, 23 from Poland, asked the museum if they could do some voluntary work and it was quickly all hands on deck.

“The students have been a great asset,” said project lead, local boatbuilder Andrew Nancarrow.

“They are really keen and have asked lots of questions. They put their hearts into it and are really committed; it’s been wonderful to see their enthusiasm.”

The students volunteered at the museum two days a week alongside their course; they also came in on weekends to ensure the project was completed ready for the exhibition.

“Drew and Sebastian got hands-on experience in an environment that is a little bit alien compared to a commercial working environment or college as they need to deal with the public,” Andrew continued.

“They are stepping up and answering questions about the boat to visitors and school groups which is further developing their skill set.”

Drew, who previously studied at Penryn community College, said he “didn’t know anything about boats when I finished school and came to Falmouth Marine School”.

“Working with team at the museum has boosted my experience, this combined with my course means that I am learning and applying what I have learnt onto actual boats,” he added.

“I have been involved with the project from the start, and it will be great to see it through to the end.”

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