Celebrating the rich artistic heritage of tattooing with first Museum tattoo flash day in the UK

On Friday 17 November 2017 we continued our celebration of the rich artistic heritage of tattooing by holding a Flash Day, believed to be a first for a UK museum.

All images by Paul Abbitt.

The Museum flash day was a chance to collect tattoos inspired by designs from original rare flash from private collections on display.

All designs on offer were created especially for the flash day and inspired by original flash and artwork featured in the Museum’s ground breaking and award winning exhibition Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed, literally bringing the flash and art from the exhibition to life.

Tattoo artists Olly Streeter, Dan Hague and Matt Crandon from Newquay’s La Familia Tattoo Studio and Gemma B of Black Ink Rebellion Tattoo Co. tattooed in the Museum on the day.

Tattoo studios around the UK also participated in the Flash day including Just Jen Tattoos in Edinburgh (Find them Including Just Jen: @justjentattoos) Araceli 4ever, and all the guys at ‘1770’ tattooing legend Alex Binnie @abinniepaperandskin Brighton’s studio.

The Museum will continued the celebrations into the evening with a special Tattoo: Museum Late that evening with live tattooing and live music by Leigh Delamere & the Gordanos, ‘Cornwall’s premium rhythm’n’blues boogie-woogie ragtime gypsy skifflers’.