All aboard shipmates!

Interactive shows with Rattlebox Theatre – selected dates and times – please check with us before visiting

All aboard shipmates and join our trainee pirate crew!

In our fun packed sessions; learn what every budding Buccaneer needs to know about being a pirate of the”Golden Age Of Piracy”!

Find out how to load a cannon and different types of shot; what you might eat and drink. Learn to find your way around a ship and handle some pirate treasure! Find out about ships articles (and the punishments if you break the rules) learn to sing a shanty to work to, what weapons you might fight with and why-and what terrible wounds you might get and how they might be treated! Hear the amazing tales of the pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read; and learn of the daring and wicked exploits of other infamous pirates – such as Blackbeard, Black Bart and Sam Bellamy. So swagger up for pirate school (this Easter/Summer) for a broadside of pirate entertainment and learning! Haaar!

Treasure Map trail

Find 5 pieces of treasure around the museum using our treasure map

Make your own – Pirate Cutlass, Parrot, Pirate Hand and Treasure Chest

Daily, at the Make and Takes table.

Treasure Island Play Zone

Interactive learning and fun.

Plus all the family favourites…

15 galleries over four floors, jump aboard the boats, climb the 100 foot Look Out Tower, watch shipwrights at work in the boat building workshop, go under water in the Tidal Zone, hear ocean adventures + survival stories, learn to sail miniature boats on our waterfront boat pool.