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The Restoration of Emma

A close-up of panelling belonging to the steam launch 'Emma'.

When Emma arrived at the Museum in 2015 the boat was part way through a major refit, which the owner felt unable to complete. Our Boat Technician Reuben Thompson and his group of volunteers have set about the repair and restoration needed to make Emma fully seaworthy again.

Work started in 2019 to complete the restoration of Emma to the original designs and we plan to have the boat back in the water this year. Eventually we’ll be taking passengers out on trips.

Gallery of Emma’s progress

Photo of the steam launch 'Emma' undergoing restoration work in the Museum's workshop.

Boatbuilding volunteers at National Maritime Museum Cornwall working on the restoration of teak-built steam launch, 'Emma'.

Photo of work being carried out on the steam launch 'Emma' in the Museum's workshop.

Photo of the steam launch 'Emma' undergoing work in the Museum's workshop.

The steam launch 'Emma' is wheeled down a slipway by a 4X4 while on a trailer.

Photo of the steam launch Emma in the water with the Museum and part of Discovery Quay in the background.

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