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Cornish Christmas Gifts

A selection of Cornish Christmas gifts arranged on a red background interspersed with silver bauble decorations. The gifts include a blue and white stripe linen makeup bag, a scented St Eval candle, and an illustration book with a fishing boat on the cover.

Beach Clean Cork Notebook

Front of the Beach Clean Cork Notebook. The cover is speckled with lots of different colours. The photo shows the paper packaging going around the notebook.

This eye-catching notebook from LIGA is made with a colourful mix of cork and recycled EVA plastics salvaged from beach cleans. Once discarded, unloved, and part of the threat to our beautiful coastline, these recycled plastics are now wanted and part of the solution. The cork bark used is naturally harvested without harming trees and continues to absorb CO2.

Sea Blue Makeup Bag

A photo of the small sea blue linen makeup bag on a white background. The bag has sea blue stripes and white stripes.

This stylish linen cosmetic bag is both eye-catching and well designed to be the perfect solution for storing and organising beauty essentials. Sourced from Sea Shed, based in St Ives, each showcases a calming sea blue nautical design. They’re also hand-loomed and made from premium, eco-friendly linen with a linen-lined interior and brass zip.

Red Sails & Pilchards

Red sails and pilchards with illustration of wooden boat entering a harbour with a lighthouse

Matt Johnson’s illustrations chart Cornwall’s fascinating fishing heritage in this beautiful 36-page book. A wonderful gift for art lovers, it’s full of maps, cutaway diagrams and illustrations that tell the story of the county’s fishing harbours and wooden sailing luggers in the industry’s heyday of the 19th and early 20th century.

Cornish Sea Salt Pinch Pot

A pot of Cornish Sea Salt original sea salt crystals pinch pot, pictured on a white background.

Cornish Sea Salt Co’s Original Crystals capture the freshness and purity of the Atlantic Ocean. A great choice for the culinary whizz in your life, they add a zing, zest, and sweetness to dishes thanks to a cocktail of natural sea minerals: calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Better still, these minerals reduce the sodium content while packing more flavour.

St. Eval Sea & Shore Sea Salt Candle

St Eval Sea & Shore Salt candle pot. Stoneware ceramic pot. Navy blue top with grey ring at base. St Eval card circle protector on top of candle with wick standing tall.

Breathe in the essence of the untamed coast with the St. Eval Sea & Shore Sea Salt Pot. This beautiful scented candle is made in Cornwall and comes housed in a handmade ceramic pot. Each has a burn time of up to 24 hours.

Museum Gift Vouchers

A scan of National Maritime Museum Cornwall's £10 gift voucher on a white background.

Sometimes it’s best to let them decide, and what better way to do just that than with a National Maritime Museum Cornwall gift voucher. We have £10 and £5 vouchers, and each can be exchanged for gift shop purchases at the Museum, entrance tickets, and treats in our scenic Waterside Cafe.

And there’s more…

Still seeking inspiration? Don’t worry – our range doesn’t end here. Check out the full Cornish gift collection on our online shop here.

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