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Valentine’s Day Maritime Gift Guide

To help you make the most of your visit, we’ve pulled together some useful information below.

From unique homeware to stylish Cornish clothing and beautiful books, find the perfect present among our maritime collection.

Beach Clean Notebook

Front of the Beach Clean Cork Notebook. The cover is speckled with lots of different colours. The photo shows the paper packaging going around the notebook.

This eco-friendly notebook from LIGA is made with beach clean material – a mix of cork with recycled EVA plastics. While these recycled plastics were once discarded, unloved, and part of the threat to our beautiful coastline, they’ve now found their match and form part of the solution. Cork bark is naturally harvested without harming the tree and continues to absorb CO2 in notebook form.

Navy Smock

Navy blue cotton smock with front pockets and a crew neck

This stylish navy crew neck fisherman’s smock is made in the traditional style. Sailors don this Cornish garment to keep their woollen jumpers clean while out at sea, ensuring they’re safe from the elements. This contemporary version has the benefit of full-length sleeves and two front pockets.

Poems of the Sea

Poems of the Sea cover images of sea, waves and old fashioned ships

Poems and romance go hand in hand. Throughout history, poets have felt the ancient pull of the sea, exploring the full range of mankind’s nautical fears, dreams, and longings. The colourful legends of sea-pirates and mermaids, phantom ships and the sunken city of Atlantis have inspired imaginations for generations, as have the realities of lighthouses and shipwrecks. This collection includes classics old and new, from Homer and Milton to Plath and Merwin.

Recycled Sails Tote Bag

Recycled Sails Tote Bag, close up of leather patch to navy base. Stating Sails and Canvas, Topsham Devon.

A tote with a difference. Maritime lovers are sure to ‘luff’ this imaginative bag, which has been beautifully hand-crafted from recycled sail cloth. Its smart navy blue and white design is adorned with leather straps and a leather logo patch, fastening securely with a magnetic clasp.

Sea Dip Bowl

A bowl pictured on a white background. The bowl has an ocean shoreline design, with the sea, a wave, and the sand across it.

This gorgeous bowl features a sea dip design, evoking memories of the coast. It’s been handmade in Cornwall by One Armed Potter. Gary (One Armed Potter) lost the use of his right hand after a motorbike accident in 2003, and later learned how to craft one-handed. No two pieces are ever the same.

Skull & Crossbones Tumbler

Clear glass with a pewter base and pewter skull and cross bones on the side of the tumbler. The glass is next to the cream coloured gift box.

Fit for a loveable rogue, this skull and crossbones whisky tumbler from English Pewter Company features an elegant pewter band that runs across the bass of the glass, adding weight and a feeling of quality. Each tumbler comes in a gift presentation box.

Book of Sea Shanties

A scan of the front cover of 'The Book of Sea Shanties' by Nathan Evans' It features an illustration of a ship on a navy blue background with golden waves.

Serenade your better half with the sweet sound of sea shanties. In this collection, Nathan Evans, the Glaswegian postie-turned-singer-of-sea-shanties, takes you through time and seafaring history to discover the meaning behind 35 songs and how they have shaped and inspired him. Illustrated throughout, it will also include original shanties and bonus content written exclusively for this book.

Sea and Shore Candles

St Eval sea and shore collection of candles in stoneware pots.

Breathe in the essence of the untamed coast with the St. Eval Sea & Shore Sea Salt Pot. A treat for the senses, these scented candles are made in Cornwall and come available in sea salt, fig tree, and wild gorse scents.

Leather Journal

Large Leather Journal. Soft brown buffalo leather, close up of long crossed stitched binding and leather wrap tie.

This wonderful leather journal showcases a soft buffalo leather cover that exudes quality and durability, making it fit for both everyday notes and adventures on the high seas. It’s filled with hand-bound pages of plain, unlined khadda paper.

Salt Path Jigsaw

The front of the box shows a lino cut of the salt path, showing swooping birds and a lighthouse out to sea.

This jigsaw will satisfy those who enjoy a challenge and features the Salt Path illustration by Angela Harding. Salt Path is the original artwork for Raynor Winn’s book of the same name, an inspiring and uplifting memoir of one woman’s journey walking the entire South West Coast Path after becoming homeless and facing terminal illness.

Gift Vouchers

A scan of National Maritime Museum Cornwall's £10 gift voucher on a white background.

Why not let them decide with a National Maritime Museum Cornwall Gift Voucher? We have £5 and £10 vouchers available – each can be exchanged for gift shop purchases at the Museum, entrance tickets, and treats in our scenic Waterside Cafe.

And there’s more…

Still seeking inspiration? Don’t worry – our range doesn’t end here. Check out the full collection on our online shop here.

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