National Maritime Museum Cornwall: Learning Policy 2012 – 2016

Learning is at the heart of National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

As such, our Learning Policy informs all activities across the organization and is not restricted to the Education Department. Learning considerations are given due weight in all areas of Museum decision-making.

Museums are special because they look after real things: the material evidence of the past. Museums become relevant, and they come alive when they connect the diverse stories of the people ‘behind’ these artefacts with people today.

At its most effective museum learning is about people. It involves knowledge transfer but is also experiential and personal, challenging, exciting and memorable. It is active and engages different senses and learning styles.

Our Learning Mission
The National Maritime Museum Cornwall uses the term ‘learning’ in its broadest sense and values all kinds of informal learning activities, as well as formal education. As a result, we adopt the following definition of learning from the Campaign for Learning and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (now Arts Council England):

‘Learning is a process of active engagement with experience. It is what people do when they want to make sense of the world. It may involve the development or deepening of skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and feelings, or an increase in the capacity to reflect. Effective learning leads to change, development and the desire to learn more.’

This people-centred focus underpins the ethos of the Museum, driving key strategies and practice in collections management, research, exhibitions, interpretation, marketing, access and customer care. We aim to enable people actively to engage with our collections, to make personal connections and to create their own frameworks for learning. We aim to inspire our visitors to build on these frameworks beyond their visit and give them the skills and confidence to do so.

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