This is one of several kayaks in the Museum’s collection from the pen of that prolific designer of small boats Percy Blandford.

Unlike other canoe/kayak designs by Percy Blandford, little is known either of this particular design or why it carries the designation “59” as the names for his kayak designs normally ended with a number indicating its length in feet; this boat is 12 feel long not 59 feet!  It is understood that the canoe was a prototype that Blandford designed and kept for his own personal use.

As well as his passion for designing small affordable boats, Percy Blandford was actively involved for many years in the Scouting movement, organising many waterborne activities for Scout groups, and his daughter reports that this particular kayak was used on many Scout cruises.

It is a single seat kayak, with a more enclosed cockpit than on other of his designs such as the PBK14 (see article on PBK14 – BC29). Another difference is that it is constructed wholly of plywood rather than a canvas covered frame.