Britain’s most family-friendly museum

The Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award has been launched. It is the biggest museum award in Britain and the only one where children and families pick the winner.

It gives you a huge voice to say which museum you think is the most welcoming for families.

How YOU can make a nomination for the Award

Anyone can make a nomination: visitors, volunteers and staff in museums, as well as museums themselves.

You just have to say what you really like about us, why we’re the most family-friendly and why we deserve to win.

Have you enjoyed our Minnows’ sessions for the under-fives?
Have you joined Douglas Dapper, the Story Explorer, on an adventure?
What special thing do you love about the Maritime Museum?
Are we hands on, with lots of different things to do?

There are two ways to vote:

Email your views to:

Post a letter, artwork or something creative that expresses your feelings to: Family Friendly Museum Award, Kids in Museums, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH

Closing date 10 May 2013

To find out more information, visit the Kids in Museums website here.