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Make & Take at Home – Paint Splat Aliens

You will need:


1. Make sure you are wearing an apron to protect your clothes.

2. On your piece of paper create a puddle of ink about the size of a 2p coin. You do this by dipping a paintbrush into the ink and dabbing it onto the page, repeat this until you have a small puddle of liquid.

3. Hold your straw just above the ink and blow. The ink will start to shoot off and travel across the page. To change the direction of the ink flow, turn your paper around or move the direction of the straw.

4. Take breaks, don’t blow too hard – you don’t want to get puffed out!

5. Leave your paint splat to dry.

6. It is now time to decorate your paint splat alien. Add wobbly eyes using glue- if you don’t have any wobbly eyes you could draw your own.

7. To make your alien unique draw on features like spots, antennae, arms, legs and whatever else you can think of!

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