You will need:


1. Cut a piece of wool, approximately 20cm long. Place this to one side.

2. You now need to wrap the ball of wool around your four fingers. Hold the end of the wool down against your index finger using your thumb. Spin the wool around all your fingers.

3. You need to spin the wool around your fingers lots of times to get a thick pompom. You do not want to squash your fingers- make sure you don’t pull the wool too tight.

4. When the wool around your fingers looks thick, cut the end of the wool.

5. Carefully slide the wool off your fingers. Pinch it around the middle to keep it secure.

6. Take the piece of wool you cut earlier and tie it around the middle of your pompom. Make sure to pull it tight before you tie your knot.

7. Cut all the loops around the edge of your pompom. Your pompom will now start to take shape.

8. Your pompom might look a bit scruffy so it’s time to give it a haircut. Take your scissors and trim around the edge of your pompom.

9. It is now time to decorate your pompom alien. Add wobbly eyes using PVA glue- if you don’t have any wobbly eyes you could draw your own.

10. Make your pompom alien unique by adding decoration you have at home. You could use pipe cleaners to make antennae, pompoms to make spots, or use paper and card to design arms and legs.

11. Leave the glue to dry and then your pompom alien is complete – well done!

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