You will need:


  1. Paint, or colour in your plate using the colour that you would like your crab to be.
  2. Fold your paper plate in half
  3. With your plate partially folded, place inside a handful of beads or dried beans.
  4. Staple around the curved edge of the plate to secure. Make sure there are enough staples so that the beads do not fall out.
  5. Cut your pipe cleaners in half. Using staples or tape attach four pipe cleaners to each side to make legs.
  6. Cut two small strips of card for the eyes. Glue these to the top straight edge of your plate. At the top of these strips glue your wobbly eyes.
  7. On your card draw two crab claws. Cut them out and attach them to your crab.
  8. Finally add any extra decorations you would like, for example tissue paper and pompoms.
  9. Now you are ready to shake your crab and make some music!

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