You will need:


  1. Draw a wobbly line down the middle of your plate.
  2. Cut along this line to cut your plate in half.
  3. Decorate one half of your plate using colouring pens, pencils, and tissue paper.
  4. Punch one hole at the top of your jellyfish at the centre point of the curved edge.
  5. Thread a small piece of ribbon through this hole and tie a knot to create a loop. This will allow you to hold your jellyfish.
  6. Punch lots more holes along the wobbly edge of your jellyfish.
  7. Tie long pieces of ribbon to each hole to make tentacles. You could also use strips of fabric, pipe cleaners and string.
  8. Finally thread your jingle bells onto the ribbon at different heights. (the bells have little attachments on the back). If you don’t have bells you could try attaching shells, beads, buttons or anything that might make a noise when knocked together.
  9. Now hold onto the ribbon at the top of your jellyfish and wobbly to make ocean sounds.

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