You will need:


  1. Decorate your cup to look like the sea. You could glue blue and green tissue paper to the outside of your cup or you could colour your cup in using pens and pencils.
  2. Draw around the top of your cup onto a piece of brown parcel paper.
  3. From the edge of the circle mark some points 3cm outside the circle. Joint the marks up to create a new bigger circle.
  4. Cut the circle out using the larger circle as a guide.
  5. Place the brown paper circle on top of your paper cup and secure it in place using an elastic band.
  6. To make drum sticks, place a pompom on the end of a stick. To keep the pompom in place cover it with a piece of tissue paper and then attach it to the stick. Repeat this step twice to create two drumsticks.
  7. Now you are ready to make some noise!

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