You will need:


  1. Print out the fish template. Or draw your own design on a piece of A4 paper.
  2. Cut out your fish template. Draw around the template on a piece of paper and cut the shape out. Repeat this step until you have a thick pad of paper. Remember recycled materials like newspaper and wrapping paper make interesting pages to draw on.
  3. Draw around the template onto a piece of card and cut the shape out. This will be the back of your sketchbook so place it on the bottom of your pile.
  4. Your template will now become your sketchbook cover. Decorate it with pens or pencils.
  5. You should now have a pile of papers, with cardboard at the bottom and your decorated fish at the top. Secure your sketchbook by tying a piece of ribbon around the pad just above the fish’s tail.

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