The Mires Mor Project

Mires Mor is pronounced ‘Mirris Mor’ and means ‘sea watch’ in Cornish.

The Mires Mor Project is a Community Interest Company (No 7089768) which aims to provide a comprehensive marine awareness programme for disadvantaged, underprivileged and disengaged young people and adults.

The project is delivered by a hand-picked team of professional sail trainers, diving experts and naturalists who work to engage participants with all aspects of the marine industry. Through practical hands-on experience and team work, participants are encouraged to develop their potential, increase confidence and take a more profound interest in the sea, wildlife and the environment.

Based around field trips in environmentally friendly Cornish sailing or motor vessels, each group is offered specially tailored learning and motivational experiences, all underpinned by basic sailing, scientific and environmental ideas and practices.  For each individual, a detailed log of tasks performed and progress made is completed, which enables each person to monitor achievements, added strengths and skills learnt. Different group programmes are often enriched and supported by specialist organisations and partners in the wider community.

Mires Mor and the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

As one of its learning partners, the Maritime Museum supports the aims and values the Mires Mor Project through a specially designed series of hands-on learning activities linked to our Cornwall and the Sea galleries. Participants are encouraged to explore different aspects of Cornish history through gallery investigations, question and answer sessions and practical challenges – including learning to master radio controlled sail boats, before taking part in a series of sailing races. In this way, participants are given a lively introduction to the maritime heritage of Cornwall which places the environmental work of the Mires Mor Project into a deeper context. For the Museum, this is an ideal opportunity to work with people who may not otherwise access the Museum’s cultural and education resources, and to build the skills and confidence needed to be a life-long Museum visitor and learner.

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